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Solberg and Giraudet Lead DirtFish Olympus Rally Day 1

"Open 2WD:

Dave Clark and Jamie Willets lead the O2 class by 1 minute 20 seconds at the end of Day 1 in their 1999 BMW M3. The pair took the class lead on Stage 1 and held onto it throughout the day. The pair battled an early challenge from the Maxxis Honda HPD team of Jordan Guitar and  John Sharps before the Honda Civic drivers fell off the pace. Later in the day, Clark found himself in a battle against Erik Potts and Claudia Barbera in their supercharged BRZ.

Potts and Barbera had a tough first stage, falling back nearly a minute from the class leaders over the first 12 miles of the rally. The pair struck back on the next stage to take 6 seconds back from Clark. The two teams battled for the rest of the day, trading times through the rally’s second and third loops.

Holding third in O2 1 minute 15 seconds behind Potts are McKenna Motorsports drivers Keanna Erickson-Chang and Alex Gelsomino. The switch to a new team and the upgrade to a new car in the M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2 have brought a lot of changes, but the pair quickly found their pace."

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